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The best service for creating mosaic photo collages from your photos

Order Your Photo Mosaic Collage

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So easy to order a mosaic photo collage and get a finished work of art at your doorstep

Order Your Photo Mosaic Collage

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Make yourself and your wife, family, boss, mother, father, son, daughter, significant other happy!
Mosaic photo collage is a whole photo album in one picture! It’s a masterpiece that will surely produce a WOW effect. It’s a creative, stylish and memorable gift for any interior, made with much love by a qualified professional.

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Why Us?

Creating Great Photo Collages



The best prices for high quality mosaic photo collages

One-time payment includes:
- preparing and retouching the master image;
- preparing the tile images: cropping, color correction, white balance, noise reduction, sharpening, etc;
- working on a sketch and correcting it, if needed;
- printing on canvas and stretching it on a frame;
- packaging and courier service delivery “door-to-door” (usually not more than 5 days in the US).

We work on 100% advance payment. However, your photo collage will be forwarded to print only after you approve the sketch. We guarantee a refund if you don’t like the result. 99.9% of our clients are perfectly satisfied with the result. The price depends only on the size of the photo collage. In the table below you can see the popular sizes. We also print in any sizes and proportions.

We print on canvas using professional high-resolution printers because we know how important the details are in our line of work. The canvas are stretched on a frame. We recommend 24”*36” format as the perfect type for home use: the master image will be well visible and the tile images are large enough to be seen as well. If you’re planning to hang the collage in a spacious room, we can print it in a bigger size.

As for shipping and delivery, it’s good when there’s some extra time. 1-2 days for the sketch, 1 day for printing and then time for overseas shipping. However, sometimes the circumstances are that we need to deliver in 10 hours after the order is placed. And it’s possible! :) We’ll send you the collage by email and you’ll be able to print it at your local print store. You can pay any way you like: PayPal, Visa, etc, through the link we’ll send you. We’ll work it out, it’s the easiest.

In order to get priority order with a discount - simply pay for our services below and we’ll contact you immediately.

We have the best prices for high-quality mosaic photo collages. Pay right now and get more then 15% discount.

HIGH-RES Digital image file

$116 $99
  • Professional collage creation service
  • Personal manager and live support
  • Extra large digital image file more than 15000*15000 pixels
    (50” 300DPI or 100” 150DPI)

Canvas Print

most popular format
$316 $269
  • Professional collage creation service
  • Personal manager and live support
  • Gallery wrapped canvas print
  • Worldwide courier shipping
  • +bonus Extra large digital image file

Canvas Print

$493 $419
  • Professional collage creation service
  • Personal manager and live support
  • Canvas printing
  • Worldwide courier shipping
  • +bonus Extra large digital image file

How Do I Make an Order?

Placing an order is very simple. We’ll do all the work for you!


1. Email us at or personal message on Instagram @collageberry and we’ll accept your order! Or just let us know and we’ll call you back or text you whenever it’s good for you.

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